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Courtney Solenberger-McNeill has more than twenty years experience consulting with organizations in sales, marketing, advertising, education, and event management. She has worked with major Fortune 500 companies and smaller entrepreneurial firms.

Her background began with a faculty appointment to Colgate University, where she taught physical education and coached championship teams. She was selected to represent the United States as a delegate to the International Olympic Academy, Olympia, Greece. She served as a member of the International Relations Committee of the United States Olympic Committee.

Courtney's consulting with organizations in corporate America has focused on education, sales, service, marketing, advertising, and training. She has worked with Fortune 100 Companies and small entrepreneurial firms. The organizations include BMW, Time Warner, Comcast, HBO, Cinemax, Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Infiniti, Toyota, Carlson Marketing, Maritz Performance Improvement Company, and J.D. Powers and Associates.

Early in the 1990's, Courtney began consulting in the automotive industry. Through performance standards and behavior-based goal setting to improve customer loyalty and profits, many of her interventions in the automotive industry focused on helping employees at dealerships help improve customer and dealership processes. She has consulted in over 100 dealerships and worked with most major manufactures.

She helped provide a new and refreshing approach to the business of "servicing" customers; a philosophy that demonstrates that each customer contact person can help to build a loyal "customer for life."




Courtney Solenberger-McNeill's Resume

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