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Search Engines, used to find...almost anything.

 AltaVista Ask Jeeves
 Dogpile Lycos

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Manufacturer Sites, used to find...product information, etc.

 Ford Motor Company  General Motors
 Volvo  DaimlerChrysler
 Nissan  Volkswagen
 Saturn  Saab
 Toyota  Honda
 Infiniti  BMW

Consumer Information Sites, used to find...product information,

competitive information, shopping tips, etc.

 Edmunds Kelly Blue Book
 Carpoint Ardent
 Consumer Reports Intellichoice Auto Buying Tips
 Cars Direct Autobytel
 Car Culture GM BuyPower

Other Information Sites...used to find more stuff!

 J.D. Power and Associates  NADA
 NHTSA  Car and Driver
 Motor Trend  Automotive News

Colleagues Sites...used to find even more stuff!

 Career Growth Associates, Inc.  The Service Advisor  Management Ezine
 Key Dealer Services  The Creighton Group

Fun and Favorite Sites...used to find COOL & FUN stuff!

 The Trip  US Parks
 Blue Mountain  USA Today
 Soda Constructor  GOLF!


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