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"Reach The Top!"

Courtney & Ray McNeill

Combining over 50 years of education, marketing, advertising, sales/service, and real world field experience, Advanced Teamwork, Inc. excels at customizing initiatives for any size organization. Advanced Teamwork, Inc., partners with organizations to help them " REACH THE TOP!"

Advanced Teamwork's customer base spans from Fortune 100 companies to small, entrepreneurial organizations. The companies include General Motors, Time Warner, Chrysler, Ford Motor Company, Carlson Marketing, Comcast, Home Box Office, Cinemax, The Leukemia Society, Toyota, J.D. Power and Associates, Infiniti, The Senior PGA Tour, The Bell Atlantic Classic, The International Relations Committee of The United States Olympic Committee, The University of Pennsylvania/Alumni Office, over 100 independently owned and operated automotive dealerships, and many other organizations.

Advanced Teamwork's customized initiatives provide interactive involvement in discussions, learning, and activities that enhance individual and team performances! This occurs at your place of business, or off-site seminars, or through distance learning, and/or through one-on-one coaching sessions.

The cornerstones of Advanced Teamwork's business model are: Teamwork, Leadership, Communication, Trust, and Customized Learning Initiatives that meet and exceed the organization's needs and challenges. Within the cornerstones are practices that gain employee commitment, respect, and achievement for results that positively impact the bottom line performance.

The goal is to further develop and inspire employee performance. Positive attitudes, skills, behaviors, and performances are combined to establish outstanding results. Thus, as the "internal" customer performances improve, so will the corporation's market share, bottom line results, and shareholder value. This will lead to "external" customer loyalty, repeat business, and customer delight!

Advanced Teamwork, Inc., is the union of two successful companies: Koerber Enterprises, Inc., and Apogi Training and Consulting.

The "wedding" of these two companies occurred after the wedding of the two business owners! Click here to see the joyous occasion.


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