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Ray's Biography

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Professional Resumé

President        Advanced Teamwork, Inc.        1994 - Present

Founded independent training/ consulting company
Consulting and classroom seminars
Moderating Focus Groups
Train the Trainer Sessions
Distance learning facilitator for Ford Motor Co./ FORDSTAR Network
Distance learning facilitator for General Motors Co./ GMU
Instructor/coach of computer and Internet skills
Trained and certified in use of all the "Carlson Learning Profiles"
Facilitator for Chrysler's "Service Management Series"
Chrysler's Advanced Customer One trainer/facilitator
Chrysler's Cincinnati Zone Action Advisor/ Consultant in dealerships
Launch Team for Chrysler 1996 national mini-van launch and retail training
Chrysler Customer One national facilitator
Service Director - large metro dealership. Budgetary and performance
responsibility for all phases of service and parts operations
* Chrysler's Five Star Award- every year
* Chrysler's Award for Excellence- five years
* Chrysler's Service Professional- every year
* Consistently set record for Chrysler's Detroit Zone in Customer Satisfaction
Parts and Service Manager/ Trained in service management, sales
management, parts management, and accounting
* Chrysler's Five Star Award- five consecutive years- 1982-1986



Bachelor of Arts degree - management
* Recognized by the University for public speaking skills (1994)

Ray McNeill's Biography

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